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General Fund Request

Only teams that have a Team representative who regularly attends booster club meetings will be eligible to request a grant from the MHB.  Teams may request funds by having their Team representative or Coach fill out a request for a grant and emailing it to the booster treasurer gkelly@miltonboosters.com prior to a meeting.  These request are to the Booster General Fund account, the main fundraising account for the Milton Boosters Club.  Different than the Individual Team (PVA  Volunteer) Funds.

The request will be brought to the next meeting for discussion.  The MHB along with the team representatives present at the meeting approve all grants.  We welcome the team coach at the meeting to participate in the discussion as to whether a request should be granted.

The goal of the MHB for 2018/19  is to fund grant request up to 50% of a request, consideration can be given for more, based on the type of request.  Factors that are considered when approving grants are: what funds are in your team’s account, when a similar item was last funded, how much has the team contributed to the club in terms of time, participation and membership involvement. 

Teams that have over at least 50% membership involvement and have active Team representatives should anticipate grant funding up to the 50% level

Request Funds PDF