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Cans for Cats
by posted 11/07/2015


Cans for Cats is a monthly can and bottle drive that is held at the side of the high school on the following dates. The proceeds get credited to sport team accounts.

*COVID UPDATE* - as the school is closed and Covid changes what is allowed week to week...if the schedule has Team TBD - there is no event that month.  Any month Cans for Cats is allowed, it will be published on our Facebook Page; https://www.facebook.com/MiltonHighBoosters

2020-2021 Schedule:

Can for Cats  @ Milton High School (Wood Shed Area – Rain or Shine)
Saturday 9:00-12:00pm
03-Oct-20 Senior Class 2021
07-Nov-20 Team TBD
05-Dec-20 Team TBD
09-Jan-21 Team TBD
06-Feb-21 Team TBD
06-Mar-21 Team TBD
03-Apr-21 Team TBD
01-May-21 Team TBD
05-Jun-21 Team TBD

Chair is Cathie Lee.
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